In a clinical trial comparing LATISSE with untreated lashes, results showed:

Unretouched clinical photos of a LATISSE user between week 0 and week 16. Individual results may vary.

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Eyelashes not only protect the eyes, they are also a defining feature of feminine beauty. Long, thick lashes help to give eyes a more open, glamorous look. But as we age our eyelashes start to thin.

All our features change over time and as we age we have less eyelashes. Then there are those that may be fair-haired or have less noticeable lashes whatever their age. Now LATISSE® can help give you lashes you’ll love.

LATISSE® topical solution is the first scientifically proven treatment that allows you to grow your natural lashes, making them longer, fuller and darker* in just 16 weeks.

Unlike other products you may have tried, LATISSE® topical solution is a prescription treatment.

It’s scientifically shown to help if your lashes are inadequate. With continuous use the results can be noticeable.

Lash extensions damage your lashes. They break or pull them out. It is better to grow your own.

Over the counter lash extenders have high concentrations of irritating preservatives, untested ingredients and are not FDA or medsafe approved. Latisse thickens and darkens better than OTC products, is proven safe and once the desired result is achieved it is cheaper to maintain.

When you start using LATISSE® you may notice a difference in your lashes as early as 4 weeks. But the full effect is seen at 16 weeks. Persistence pays – with a daily application of LATISSE® you will see a noticeable difference.

LATISSE® topical solution is not funded on the New Zealand Pharmaceutical Schedule. A pharmacy charge and normal doctor’s visit fees will apply. LATISSE® topical solution is a prescription medicine which contains bimatoprost 300 micrograms per mL. Ask your doctor about the benefits and risks of using LATISSE® topical solution and whether LATISSE® topical solution is right for you. Indications: to improve the length, thickness and darkness of natural eyelashes. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or any other substances, if you have liver or kidney problems, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are under 18 years, if you are being treated for increased pressure in the eye, if you have any eye conditions, taking any other medicines, or if you wear contact lenses. Side effects: red congested eyes, itching or irritation of eye/s, darkening of the skin around the eye, or the coloured part of the eye, allergic effects on the eye and surrounding eyelid, changes to eyelashes (including temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes and/or breakage of eyelashes), rash to eyelids and surrounding areas. Medicines have benefits and some may have risks. Always read the label and use strictly as directed. If symptoms continue or you have side effects see your healthcare professional. For further information contact Allergan customer service on 0800 659 912.

LATISSE® is a trademark of Allergan Inc. NZ/0030/2012. TAPS PP2578. ALL2183. 07/12.