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What are the results?

Laser Hair Removal - What are the results


What results can I expect?

There are two parts to this question, firstly, how much hair does each treatment disable (and therefore how many treatments will be necessary) and, secondly, when does the hair eventually grow back (and need to be treated again)?

How much hair does each treatment disable?

Each treatment disables actively growing hair follicles. What percentage of a treated area’s follicles are disabled depends on what percentage are in the active growth phase and as we know this varies across the body and from person to person. We can’t predict exactly how many treatments each individual will need but clinical studies show most people get over 50% of follicles disabled after two treatments. Most people are happy with their results after 3 to 5 treatments.

It’s important to be aware that a course of laser hair removal with any laser will remove 90 to 98% of the hair and that after treatment of an armpit for example there will usually always be one leftover hair that will need to be plucked.

When does the hair eventually grow back?

The second part of the question is how long does the hair stay away? As we know both electrolysis and laser destroy hair follicles and destroyed hair follicles rarely regenerate. What does happen is that new hair follicles activate and grow. Genetic and hormonal factors affect follicle activation and reactivation and for this reason we cannot predict how long results will last.

There are few clinical studies in this area (lasers were only discovered to remove hair in 1995 and have evolved rapidly since then). One study of the Coolglide did show that the 50% hair reduction attained after two treatments remained after 15 months. Longer term clinical studies are not available. At this stage it seems that most people will need one or two topup treatments every 9 to 12 months. Laser Hair Removal is not permanent but results in Prolonged Hair Removal.

Testimonial: Julie’s Story

testimonialLike many people Julie Worthington was sick of the constant hassle of waxing, tweezing and shaving but worried about the safety, pain and expense of Laser Hair Removal.

After her free consultation at Laser @ Green Bay and Ponsonby Julie was not only fully informed about Laser Hair Removal but reassured and excited about her course of treatment.

“I was skeptical at first but thought what have I got to lose?” says Julie. “I have always hated any hair that wasn’t on my head and I had heaps of it everywhere. Seeing the results so quickly after my first session I couldn’t wait for my next to say good riddance to them. My nurse Alwyne was lovely and so professional. I started with one area but after seeing such excellent results so quickly I became hooked and the next thing I was having it all taken off.”

Safety was a very important consideration for Julie.
“The Consumer’s Institute recommends only undergoing Laser Hair Removal from Doctors or Nurses so it was important to me that everyone at Laser @ Green Bay and Ponsonby is fully qualified. The nurses make you feel more comfortable than some young therapist straight out of beauty school. Nurses have seen it all and with their training you feel right at home in their hands.”

And the price?
“They gave me a good discount for treating more than one area at the same time, the prices are very reasonable, especially compared with some.”
“After 6 treatments I no longer need to shave my underarms and bikini areas. I am thrilled with the results.”