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Lip Enhancement – Lip Fillers

lip fillers

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers or dermal fillers are used to subtly enhance the lips. Lips are one of the first thing someone notices about you. They are associated with desirability, femininity and beauty. The perfect lip is considered to contain the following structural features and proportions:

  • A strong cupid’s bow – the cupids bow is the structure in the centre of the top lip. A well-defined cupid’s bow is a fundamental element of the perfect lip aesthetic
  • Volume – the top lip should be approximately one-half the volume of the bottom lip and both lips should be plump (but not ‘full’ looking).
  • Strong border – the line where the pink flesh of the lip and the skin of the face meet is known as the vermillion border. Having a strongly defined vermillion border is also an element of the perfect lip aesthetic. Often fine lines (commonly called smoker’s lines) resulting from overuse of the lip as we age, develop around the vermillion border.
  • Hydration – ensuring the lips are not only plump, but looking well hydrated is considered an important element of the perfect lip aesthetic.

All these elements of the lip can be enhanced or balanced using lip fillers. Enhancement of the lip is a very delicate procedure and should be handled by a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic physician. Poorly executed lip augmentation is an all-too-common mistake made by inexperienced or under-qualified cosmetic practitioners – it’s never a good look!

Dr Paul and his Nurse’s perform Lip Fillers very regularly, so you can trust there experience and aesthetic eye to ensure you get a subtly enhanced pout, something that will turn heads for all the right reasons. Call (09) 360 4078 to book a consultation to discuss your lip fillers treatment today.