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Aspect Dr Ultra Light Clarifying Moisturiser 50g RRP $102.00

Original price was: $102.00.Current price is: $91.80.



This product is to replace the Ultra Light Moisturiser.

The ultimate multitasker to restore a clear, balanced and refined complexion. Specifically formulated to address skin congestion, enlarged pores, combination and problematic skin, the Aspect DR Ultra Light Clarifying Moisturiser delivers skin-quenching hydration while supporting a healthy skin microbiome.

This ultra-light skin quenching and rebalancing moisturiser refines pores, strengthens the skin barrier and supports a healthy microbiome. The ultimate multi-tasker targets skin congestion, enlarged pores and excess oil for a clear, healthy complexion.

5 actions in one product:

  • Hydrates and restores the skin barrier
  • Reduces excessive skin build-up
  • Rebalances oil
  • Visibly reduces pore size
  • Balances microbiome