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Homecare needle roller 540 titanium tapered needles 1.0


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Homecare needle rolling is an important advance in skin rejuvenation. The benefits include:

1. Increased penetration of topical skincare products by 4-20 times. All lengths of needle roller from 0.2mm up will have this effect. The needles create channels through the skin’s barrier layer, the stratum corneum. These channels remain open for up to 30 minutes allowing increased absorption of active topical skin and scalp products. This leads to increased benefits (and side effects).

2. Needles 0.5mm and longer stimulate new collagen production. The tiny created by the needles are a wound and stimulate the body’s wound healing pathways. When used properly, tapered titanium needle roller technology is able to create an even distribution of tiny wounds. The degree of wound healing stimulated is greater than the size of the wound. This means more collagen, better quality collagen, the ability to heal scars and to stimulate the body to fill defects like acne scars and stretch marks. This commonly leads to firmer younger looking skin. Start at 0.5mm and build up the thickness as your skin tolerates it.

3. Needles 0.5mm and longer break up scar tissue and stimulate skin repair. When combined with topical skin care, red and infrared light, laser therapy and platelet rich plasma treatment scars can be improved.

Instructions for use and care of the roller are included with your order.

Ideal skincare products to combine with needle rollers:

Hyaluronic Acid Serum. After needle roller therapy the skin is dry for up to a week. Hyaluronic Acid in serum form is the best moisturiser you can buy. You can find it on this site under PCMC our own brand.

Topical vitamin A.

Take care to disinfect your roller before use and only use on clean skin. Your skin will be red and puffy for a day or two after your first treatment but your skin will become accustomed to the rolling over time.