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PCMC Biomarine Extract 90 tablets


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PCMC biomarine extract

Building blocks for collagen production. Dermal regeneration from the inside.

The skin can use molecules of combined protein and carbohydrate (known as proteoglycans) as building blocks to make the collagen, elastin and other structures which make up the skin. The levels of these decline with age and the skin becomes thinner, deflated, uneven and wrinkled. Cell turnover slows and the skin becomes less able to repair the damage caused by exposure to the sun or other causes. The skin looks old.

Studies have shown that you can boost the production of collagen and elastin and regenerate the skin by supplying the skin with more proteoglycans, the same way that your plants will grow better if you give them fertiliser. The most efficient way to acquire these proteoglycans is from fish. The most famous fish-derived proteoglycan source is Imedeen as well as others such as Imaglow, Viviscal and Nourkrin.. The main issue with these is the cost. Our supplement manufacturers in the USA have created a high quality alternative for us.

HOW TO TAKE PCMC biomarine extract: Take one tablet a day, preferably with food. Do not take if allergic to fish.



PCMC biomarine extract


Imedeen Classic

Marine Protein

Polyglucoderm 450mg

(enzyme-fractionated marine



Marine protein 200mg

Lyophilised Marine Collagen

extract 50mg

Demineralised Fish

Proteoglycan Extract 105mg

(Bio Marine Seafood Extract)


Optizinc 7.5mg

Zinc gluconate equiv. 2.5mg

Zinc gluconate equiv 2.5mg

Vitamin C






dried fruit  equiv  25mg

dried fruit equivalent 450mg

Other ingredients

Green Tea Extract 25mg

Grape Seed Extract 25mg

Vitamin A 500IU/1mg

Vitamin E 15IU/30mg

Copper sulphate 1mg

Manganese 1mg

Silica 15,g

Beta 1,3 glucan 2mg


stearic acid

magnesium stearate

Evening Primrose Oil 5mg

Calcium Phosphate equiv 70mg

Horsetail extract 50mg



calcium gluconate

magnesium stearate

silicone dioxide