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Profhilo Antioxidant Cream 50 ml RRP $110.00

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Profhilo Cream to use alongside Profhilo Injectable: contains a hyaluronic acid (sodium salt) complex with a dual molecular weight and a specific patented extract of Salvia Haenkei HAENKENIUM
The combination of the two different molecular weight hyaluronic acid causes a synergistic effect which benefits the skin; the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid protects by maintaining the integrity of the hydrolipidic film, meanwhile, the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid keeps the skin perfectly hydrated due to its special hydrophilic properties.
The synergistic effect of combining two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid helps to restore the firmness and elasticity as well as soothe sensitive, irritated and reddened skin.
The formulation is enhanced by HAENKENIUM a patented vegetable extract and a potent antioxidant which has 2 properties:
It slows the degradation of hyaluronic acid caused by free radicals, therefore prolonging the benefits to the skin.
It acts as a screen for the free radicals, a cause of oxidative stress and premature cell senescence as proven in scientific studies.