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SureThik® 30g Medium Brown


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Keratin fibres are the most natural looking method to disguise thinning hair. Small coloured keratin fibres from wool statically cling to hair and instantly create the appearance of thicker denser hair. The static cling ensures the fibres stay on the hair and scalp even in wind and rain until immersed in water or shampoo.

You can further improve fibre stickiness by using SureThik Locking Spray ($25) after fibre application. SureThik Locking Spray is a quick drying, weightless, alcohol free spray which enhances the bond between SureThik keratin and hair and adds lustre and shine.

Sure Thik is a Canadian brand of keratin fibres. It does not suffer from the purple tinge you get with Toppik and Nanogen and is a little cheaper than the others. We feel it is the best value on the market.

SureThik brand keratin fibres are expanding market share in North America. As a result Toppik have had to increase their container size in order to compete (27.5g instead of the old 25g). SureThik is still better value and is less purple. More information at www.surethik.com

Sure Thik comes in a 30g  size (which will last 2-4 months) for $49