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    If you love Ultraceuticals and want to extend your PCMC experience at home, please email reception@pcmc.co.nz to arrange a consultation or to place your product order.


    Ultra MD Skin Care. Doctors only Range, the Ultimate Skincare with over 20years of experience and 5 Years of Development

    Ultraceuticals is now proud to present the doctors’ only Ultra MD skincare range. Dr Heber and Ultraceuticals in-house research and formulation chemists have developed the Ultra MD skincare range over a 5 year period. The range is a result of in-house reviews of the scientific literature, in-house experimentation, clinical testing and continuous improvement processes. The Ultra MD skincare range is the pinnacle of Ultraceuticals product development efforts.

    “I have spent well over twenty years as a cosmetic physician working with clients exposed to one of the harshest conditions in the world – the Australian sun. My team and I developed the Ultra MD range of products as a concise science based regimen of products to address the major skin concerns of ageing and pigmentation. The Ultra MD range of products has been developed using high concentrations of potent ingredients in sophisticated consumer trialled formulations and is available solely through cosmetic medical practices.” Dr Heber

    The Ultraceuticals MD range is available in-store only, call us for a free consult with our Skin Therapist.


    Ultraceuticals have consolidated their internet sales in house. We at PCMC continue to sell Ultraceuticals products and continue to offer loyalty rewards and free shipping. If you would like to continue to receive your 10%  discount and free delivery please contact us via:

    email reception@pcmc.co.nz

    phone 093604078

    Otherwise all internet sales are now through the following link following link


    Why can’t I buy this product now?

    Ultraceuticals is an advanced cosmeceuticals product range that requires a consultation with one of our skin therapists prior to purchase.