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wrinkles, botox, dermal filler


Let’s be honest, they’re probably the thing we first notice as the signs of ageing begin. Wrinkles are the result of regular muscles activity in a certain area over time. For example, when we smile, we create ‘crows feet’. When we frown we create lines on our brow and raising our eyebrows causes forehead lines. Wrinkles are divided into two categories – dynamic and static. Dynamic only appear when we utilise the muscle – for example when we smile we see crows feet, but when we relax again, they disappear. Static are still there after we have relaxed.

In our youth, our skin is full of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen which allows it to return to an unwrinkled state after muscular contraction so our wrinkles are mostly dynamic. As we age, the hyaluronic acid and collagen we naturally produce is less, so our dynamic wrinkles begin to become static. To slow, stop or even reverse the ‘damage’ of static wrinkles, there are many treatment options available with varying results. Most commonly, wrinkles are treated with Botulinum Toxin (such as Botox) which temporarily relaxes the muscle preventing both dynamic and static wrinkles from forming. To treat static wrinkles, we may use dermal filler (which is simply replacing lost Hyaluronic Acid) to fill the crevice and return a smoother complexion. Sometimes to get the most natural results, we might choose a combination of treatment options depending on your unique anatomy.

Additional treatments may involve topical skin care product, collagen induction therapy, PRP, light therapies and others. It’s very important to have a consultation with Dr Paul or one of his Nurses about your concerns to allow a thorough assessment of your individual anatomy and determine what treatment would be best for you. Contact our friendly staff on (09) 360 4078 to book a consultation now.